Thursday, December 6, 2007

Me and Santa

Yesterday I met Santa Claus. I must admit I was a little nervous. I mean Mom makes this guy out to be a big deal so I wanted to make a good impression! But when it came time for the big moment I admit I was a little bewildered by the whole thing. Sure he was super nice but the guy is a bit intimidating sitting there in his big chair and fancy suit!

I guess Mom was a bit disappointed with the picture. She actually wanted me to cry for once if you can believe that. Something about it being ironic considering my shirt said “Bah Humbug”. Whatever Mom.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

All I want for Christmas...

Is lots and lots of toys! Cuz guess what? I already got my two front teeth!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday bro’!

Dear Spencer,

Mom says today is your 2nd birthday. She told me all about when you were born and what you were like. I like to look at pictures of you and sometimes I even talk to them like you can hear me. Maybe you can. It makes me a little sad that I will never get to play with you and you’re not here to show me the ropes. I don’t know where heaven is but I hope it’s nice and I hope they made you a cake like we did here.

We love you!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Day!

Yesterday was my very first Thanksgiving. It was alright but I wasn’t so into it cuz I’ve got a yucky cold. Gramma thought this giant turkey leg would cheer me up but really it just kind of grossed me out. I mean come on, it’s food! I don’t put food in my mouth!! Just everything else... I had way more fun climbing around under the table than sitting at the table.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

my big day in a white dress

I went to church for the first time this past weekend. What a to-do! People came from all Gramma and Grampa from Minnesota, my Great-Grandparents from Washington, and even my Uncle Scott and Aunt Angie from north Phoenix. I got all dressed up in a white dress -- er, I mean gown -- with a silly hat and got to go up in front of all these people and hang out with the pastor. He poured some water on my head which I didn’t like too much but all in all it was kind of neat. The best part was the choir and all the singing! Now that’s my kind of fun! Mom says it was such a fuss because it was my Baptism. With all that attention I think we should get Baptized every weekend!

Friday, November 2, 2007


That’s right, for my first Halloween I was not your traditional pea in a pod or monkey or even one of the dozens of poor little pumpkins being pushed up and down our street in strollers all night. I was a rooster. On my own maybe a bit strange, yes. But next to my friend Addison who was dressed as a chick, pretty stinkin’ cute. Though I didn’t quite mind the dressing up I’m still not sure I understand the purpose. I mean all we did was sit in the driveway and hand out candy for a little bit. Hardly an occasion for dressing up in my opinion. But those other kids seemed to be going nuts for whatever it was Mom was putting in their bags. Maybe when I’m big enough to have my own bag it’ll be that exciting to me too.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bye-bye gummy smile...

Hellooooo teeny little razor sharp pearly whites! That’s right, I have teeth! As in not one but TWO TEETH!! Boy was that hard work. These suckers had me in a mood for days. They finally came in about 2 weeks ago (one 5 days after the other) but I’ve been keeping them under wraps. I mean I worked so hard to get them I didn’t want to open my mouth and have them fall out or something! But finally I decided I’d let mom get just one picture to show them off. Pretty nice aren’t they?

In other news, I went today for my 6-month doctor visit. I weigh 19lbs 6oz and am 28 inches long. My head is so big it’s not even on the charts which is probably why my oh-so-cute pumpkin hat wouldn’t fit this morning. I also got my first shot. It wasn’t nearly as bad as Mom said it would be but I cried just a little bit to make sure she knew it wasn’t something I wanted to experience on a regular basis.